Pietro Tüll

Pietro Tüll- Man at Arms in the retinue of Inquisitor Saorisan Khanri

Inquisitor Khanri first encountered Capitan Pietro Tüll on the Feudal planet of Panzuela. The Planetary Governor had recently died, and Khanri was tasked with investigating the planet while the Administratum went through the laborious process of appointing another. Panzuela was a prosperous agri-world with several sophisticated societies, but technology that had yet to progress to the black powder stage. So it came as a surprise to the Inquisitor to find many of the nobles in the planetary capital of Noi Salamir openly carrying laspistols, with the most influential of the aristocracy, the Duq D’Armagh, employing servitor bodyguards. Khanri quickly traced this anomaly to a Mechanicum Hetetek, who was seeking to corrupt the nobility through unlawful technology. Mobilising the city guard, Khanri lead an assault on the rogue Techpriest’s HQ; the Duq D’Armagh’s luxurious country Palazzo. Though vastly superior in numbers, the Inquisitor’s force was hopelessly outgunned by the Heretek’s elite escort, transforming the raid into a gruelling siege. During this operation, Khanri was impressed by Capitan Tüll’s bravery, tenacity, and swordsmanship as he faced down battle servitors and corrupted Skitarii. The purification was ultimately successful, but at great cost. Tüll’s soldiers had all been killed, with the bold Capitan himself fatally wounded, his legs hopeless mangled by a stubcarbine blast. Guided by the Inquisitor to save Tüll by any available means, Khanri’s field Chirurgeon utilised the resources to hand, replacing much of his lower body with augmetics scavenged from enemy combatants. Despite his heroic actions, Pietro Tüll was dismayed to find himself not feted but scorned by a society desperate to distance themselves from their dalliance with heresy. Turning his back on Noi Salamir he was only too happy to enter into Khanri’s retinue, where he has remained ever since.

A pretty simple conversion this. I have a few old WHF metal Landsknecht minis which I bought on a whim in the late 90s as I liked their hats. I swapped out the legs for some ruststalker ones which was pretty easy to do as they were poking out from under his faulds ( hip armour dontchaknow) and were simple to saw off. Replaced the old zweihander with an Astartes powersword which worked well for scale as it’s large but not outlandishly so for a human, and greenstuffed a bit of hair to fill a gap. I would have liked to add a pistol but there was nowhere it looked natural so he remains strictly melee. The hardest bit was adjusting the ankle joint on one of his new legs so it sat flush to the ground, and he still needed a bit of lumpy ground to stand on. He’s a tall lad, and towers over his boss, but Khanri still has the bulk of his armour to give him a more intimidating mass.

The name, as always, is a clever/rotten pun. I wanted something heroic and initially thought he had an Irish look with his ginger locks and fair complexion, so named him after the great Shakespearean hellraiser. A bit of messing about got an Italian/Germanic name which fits his overall look and Renaissance-europe-in-space background.

I painted Pietro in the same palette as his Inquisitor. I am pleased with the red slashes in his sleeves- a nice spot colour, and the ridiculous blue plume on his hat that matches his bosses flaming hand. I dialed down the gold to emphasise he’s a soldier and Khanri is the boss, but a wee flourish on his swords and a few brass joints on the ad-mech legs added a bit of interest. He is the first of a 6 man retinue I have built and planned the backstories for, so all I need to do is get my head down and get painting!

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